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Thunderstone Advance: Numenera

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Thunderstone Advance: Numenera

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A New Adventure Awaits...

The heroes of Tala find themselves in a strange new world of adventure, the Ninth World, Numenera. Strange and alien, the world contains creatures, powers, and relics unlike any before seen in the battle against Doom. And even Doom itself has taken on an insidious new form, that of a malignant virus that spreads throughout various creatures. These beings, ranging from humans to insects to massive beasts, recognize one another despite their differences, and work towards a single goal: Doom's dominance of Numenera.

Welcome to the latest chapter in the epic story of Thunderstone, now taking you to the rich world of Monte Cook's Numenera RPG. Fully compatible with all previous Thunderstone releases, this addition to Thunderstone Advance includes all new heroes, monsters, spells, villagers, and more. Also included are new color-coded Thunderstone XP tokens that grant new and different abilities depending on the color drawn. The many regions of the Ninth World will also impact your game, with global effects changing the game depending on where you face Doom's minions!


13 New Heroes

10 New Monster Groups

21 New Village Cards

5 New Treasure Cards

2 Sets of Ranger "Mark" Tokens

XP Tokens

XP Bag




Double-sided Game Board

XP Tokens

Ages: 14+

Players: 2-5

Game Length: 60 minutes

Thunderstone Advance - Numenera can be played as a stand-alone game or may be combined with a copy of other Thunderstone Advance games for expanded play

Customer Reviews

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An Interesting Choice Review by Ian
Game Play
AEG has deviated from the dark, fantasy theme to bring a new TS:A base game set in the science fiction / fantasy world of Numenera. While it is entirely compatible with other TS:A sets, it feels a little different - enough so that theme may be a deterrent for some to mix sets. There are some excellent cards to be had through Numenera - so if theme is not an issue, it really is a great set to add a lot of variety. Similarly, Numenera adds settings[?] to the game as a way of spicing up your game rounds (you roll a d20, in most cases, to determine some sort of action / event / condition for the turn/round).

As with other editions of TS:A the card quality is excellent with fairly intuitive artwork. (Posted on 10/14/2015)

1 Item(s)

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