Infinity: ALEPH - Support Pack (6)

Infinity: ALEPH - Support Pack (6)

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Manufacturer: Corvus Belli

ALEPH Support Pack. A new kind of compilation box specially designed by CB for new players and for those ALEPH players who want to play the Paradiso Campaign. The Support Pack of the AI's army comprises a Sophotect, two Yudbot Remotes and three useful and cheap Netrods to provide Orders for your Army list. Whether you are going to play scenarios or not, this is a release ALEPH rookies cannot go without!

This box contains:

1 Sophotects (Doctor, Engineer)

2 Yudbots (Ghost: Servants)

3 Netrods (AI Beacons)

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.

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100% useful
Every model in this box sees regular play. The sophotect is the star of every ITS list, since she's a 6-4 multi objective runner that can limp away with NWI if things get hairy. The netrods are useful to pad your order count, since aleph likes to bring expensive toys. Yudbots are how your doctors/engineers can be everywhere at once.
This box should be bought immediately after the starter for new players.
Game Play
Review by nick on 10/14/2015
Basically required for Aleph or ISS
The Sophotect is a highly skilled Engineer and Doctor all in one and equipped with some servants, she can heal, repair, and generally cure what ails everything. The Netrods are interesting, extra orders and a buff to the Proxy models but not the star of the show. In an ISS arm with a lot of HI and maybe some remotes, she will really shine. Typical CV model quality, so it all looks awesome.
Game Play
Review by Twilight Thom on 9/22/2015