Player's Handbook Heroes #15 Male Human Cleric (No Stat Card)

Player's Handbook Heroes #15 Male Human Cleric (No Stat Card)

Product #DDPHB15

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Manufacturer: Wizards of the Coast

Player's Handbook Heroes 1 minis do not have stat cards.

Product# DDPHB15
Universe: Dungeons and Dragons
Set: Player's Handbook Heroes 1
Number: 015
Rarity: Fixed

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I. AM. THE. CLERIC. and I listen to Deep Purple, too
I don't own all miniatures in existence, but I haven't seen a better, more classic cleric mini. Both the sculpt and the painting get top marks. There is a sort of stiffness in him, maybe because of the high shoulder pads, but that just gives a real cleric-like vibe. The striking mace seems to be doing a stiff, quick chop of sorts - he just uses his arm, and not the whole body, probably while uttering, "Begone, foul beast!"! Completely heroic and fitting for a paladin as well, his hair and moustache also have a 1st ed. AD&D feeling of sorts - there's something of a 70's hard rock feeling in him, too. Which means he's a superb combination of high virtue and down-to-earth manliness. Really one of my favourites - everyone should have this mini.
Game Play
Review by Xaltotun on 3/16/2017