Dust Tactics: Operation Cerberus

Dust Tactics: Operation Cerberus

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As the battles get heavier in Dust Tactics, Allied and Axis forces call in armored reinforcements. Massive combat walkers tread the streets, armored troops storm the buildings of Southern England, and the campaign pushes deeper into urban warfare with Operation “Cerberus” plus rules for 3D combat.

North of London, ASOCOM readies many of its most formidable warriors. If Western Europe is to be free again someday, if British Isles are not to fall, they cannot fail! Operation “Cerberus” calls up two new heroes and details new rules and skills for NCO Command Squads and heavy walkers.

Players also find a detailed chronology of the game’s alternate-reality World War II, profiles of the war’s greatest heroes, and seven new scenarios. Operation “Cerberus” raises the stakes as brave Home Guard soldiers fight to save their homeland!

New skills for NCO Command Squads and heavy walkers.

Two new heroes: The Axis assassin, Angela, and the Chef, who fights with two flamethrowers.

A chronology of the alternate-reality World War II and profiles some of the war's greatest heroes.

Seven new scenarios.

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I love this game, whoooooooo!!! My boyfriend and I love DT and this expansion is no exception. Great price MM, you awesome guys!
Review by Knockin The Dust Off on 2/27/2013
Good value for money.
I bought this kit a little while back and I was very happy with the value. It took me a second to figure out that the building only really goes together in one way. That is, you can't just mix and match wall pieces to make whatever shape you want. Wargamers that are avid about terrain may want to make some modifications to the flooring and roofing solutions provided; but the building(s) itself is beautiful and looks like any of the buildings downtown where I live. Very realistic!

Overall it's an excellent kit, and the added Dust tactics campaign and characters are a good bonus.
Review by Scarymushroom on 7/27/2012
Big time Value
You will not beat the terrain value of this box. Even if you do not play Dust Tactics you can use this awesome modular building in almost ANY other tabletop wargame. It goes well with Sci-fi, Pulp, And just about any other Genre.

And unlike most other terrain it's not all blown up and ruined so it doesnt always have to be a wargame.

Break it up and make 3 single story buildings too!
Review by Psykostevo on 7/14/2012