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Star Wars LCG: Core Set

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Star Wars LCG: Core Set

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The characters, starships, and situations of the original Star Wars trilogy come to life in the Star Wars LCG, a head-to-head game of tactical combat and strategic planning that allows two players to wage cinematic combats between the light and dark sides of the Force.

Command such legendary characters as Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Leia Organa, Boba Fett, and Darth Vader. Launch strategic assaults against your opponent's objectives. Tempt fate in thrilling edge battles. Seek to make an ally of the Force or master its power for your own purposes.

The Star Wars LCG - Core Set contains everything two players need to begin battling for the fate of the galaxy.


240 Cards

- 117 Light Side Cards

- 117 Dark Side Cards

- 6 Force Cards

1 Death Star Dial

Nearly 100 Damage, Shield, and Focus Tokens

1 Balance of the Force Token


Ages: 10+

Players: 2

Game Length: 30-60 minutes

Customer Reviews

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Detailed overview of the game Review by Joshua
Game Play
- Star Wars!
- Very very tightly designed game that is quick but robust and complex. Every choice you make can lead to victory/defeat.
- Fairly quick to set up and play once you learn the mechanics.
- Very cool art direction. Really captures the feel of the universe.
- Quite expandable, once you get a few Force Packs you have a huge variety of options.
- LCG rather than blind CCG. Everything you need comes in the Core Set.
- Dark and Light side play differently, as well as each faction having very unique strengths and weakness's.
- One of the best rule books I've read. Lots of examples, pictures and index.
- Rewards players who spend time in the game, not just players who build good decks.
- Edge Battles make the game interesting and unpredictable and causes a lot of interesting choices. This seems to be one of the biggest gripes about the game, but I think it makes for tension, bluffing, gives all cards a duel purpose.
- Force struggle is always fun and can make or break your strategy if you don't conciser it.
- Deck Building (now that there are a bunch of options) is awesome. Yes, it is simple, yet it makes your deck building moments more important. The deckbuilding used to be a con for me, but now that they've released a large number of options it is a Pro.

- Pretty complex and hard to teach (this is a pro and a con in my book). The game requires some time and energy to learn. Not so much the mechanics, but triggers and timing windows.
- Requires a bucket of money to be /competitive (2 Base sets (+ $60-$80), 2 Edge of Darkness expansions (+ $40), plus any Force Packs you may want (+ $15 each), you've just spend a couple hundred dollars on it, not including deluxe expansions. There is a up-side though. There are no raffles/gambles. You know exactly what you're getting when you buy boxes/packs. No dropping 30+ dollars on single cards.
- Abstract game mechanics do not simulate some situations well. For instance, a TaunTaun defeating a Star Destroyer is a little far fetched. You can say that the TaunTaun allowed for a faceless character to get aboard a X-Wing that got on board the Star Destroyer and sabotaged it... If you're a theme purist, this game will find ways to irritate you.

Basically, I wouldn't suggest the game as a gateway game unless people are REALLY into Star Wars. There are quite a bit of complex timing rules, which is explained well in the rules, but hard to grasp until you've played a couple times. But once you get the hang of it, it feels a bit more like playing a board game in which you get better at the more you play than a card game that is determined by the deck you have.
It isn't so much a mechanical "deck vs deck" as is common in MtG, the game has a lot of great player choices, edge battles prevent uselessness of cards, and interesting timing and hand management keeps players thinking in the moment, while setting up for the future.

Some common objections for the game:

"The theme is abstract." Yes, it is a bit more abstract, and as stated above, sometimes does not fit well. I enjoy thinking of weird ways they 'could' happen though. Like that tauntaun may have been instrumental in transporting that one guy to the space port who then was a part of the boarding party that successfully saw the take-over/destruction of the Star Destroyer. Yes, that is a bit far fetched, but after playing the game for so long, it doesn't cross my mind anymore.
"The deck building is too limited." I disagree here. Unlike MtG or other card games where you have a deck of 60 cards and you put X number of copies of a card into your deck, Star Wars has "objective sets", in which a predetermined set of 5 "command" cards + 1 Objective card comes together and cannot be separated. Sounds limiting, but I think it makes your deck building choices more important, as well as making deck building a quicker task with a smaller pool of possibilities (about 20-25 different objective sets per Faction, plus an odd number of faction neutral sets, as of this writing).
"The game favors certain decks!" Not so much any more. This was a legitimate objection when the game came out, but with 12+ force packs and a couple deluxe expansions later, there are tons of cards and lots of interesting combos/themes for you to build from.
"Edge Battles are stupid." I again disagree. It is a way to keep cards from being completely wasted, as well as support the draw card mechanic (always drawing back up/down to 6 cards on your turn), and allows you to see much larger part of your deck than other card games. Plus, they create lots of tension and bluffing, which is rarely bad.
"The game is too complicated." It can be pretty daunting for people who do not play games, especially card games. There are basically 3 layers to this game; the attacking/defending layer, which is most obvious to most people. The Edge Battles, which are players bidding for advantages, and underhanded tactics that turn the tide, and the Force Struggle, where players dedicate units to the Force in order to keep the balance of the Force in their favor giving the player with the balance on their side further advantages. Being able to calculate all 3 of these layers can make it complicated, but absolutely adds depth to the game.

Hope this large review has been helpful and has made the choice to get this game easier.
Also, if you are still unsure, Fantasy Flight Games has a video tutorial for free on their website under the Star Wars: The Card Game product page. It does a great job going through the first couple turns of the game.
Happy gaming! (Posted on 6/26/2015)
Great tactical card game Review by Budgernaut
Game Play
I love this game. It has excellent tactical play. Every card you play has to be considered against what you expect your opponent to play and the options are tremendous.

But it is tactical to a fault. This is not an easy game for beginners to pick up and I have won against all my friends and family enough that this will likely never see table time again. However, if you've got a good community to support it, I highly recommend this game. (Posted on 12/13/2013)

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