Star Wars: X-Wing - Rebel Transport Expansion Pack

Star Wars: X-Wing - Rebel Transport Expansion Pack

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Manufacturer: Fantasy Flight Games

Recreate the drama of the Rebellion's desperate escape from Hoth and explore new adventures in the Star Wars galaxy with the Rebel Transport Expansion Pack for X-Wing! It comes with one huge, pre-painted GR-75 medium transport miniature and an X-wing escort. With rules for energyĀ¯ to fuel your shields and abilities, plus a new maneuver template that gives your transport the feel of a truly huge ship, the Rebel Transport Expansion Pack enhances your missions and Cinematic Play experience. It also opens all-new possibilities in the game's Epic Play format!

1 GR-75 Ship
2 Large Plastic Bases
2 Plastic Extension Pegs
1 GR-75 Ship Token
1 GR-75 Maneuver Dial
1 GR-75 Maneuver Template
1 X-Wing Ship
1 Small Plastic Base
2 Plastic Pegs
4 X-Wing Ship Tokens
1 X-Wing Maneuver Dial
1 Reinforce Token
6 Energy Tokens
1 Focus Token
2 Target Lock Tokens (U, V)
7 Shield Tokens
3 Stress Tokens
6 Ion Tokens
1 Critical Hit Token
3 ID Tokens (#34)
6 Mine Tokens
6 Control Tokens
4 Scope/Hyperspace Tokens
4 Group Tokens
3 Turbolaser Tokens
2 Ion Blast Tokens
4 Role Tokens
Maneuver Tokens
1 Imperial Roster Sheet
1 Rebel Roster Sheet
1 Reference Card
10 Fore Damage Cards
10 Aft Damage Cards
7 Ship Cards
- 1 GR-75 Medium Transport
- 1 Wes Janson
- 1 Jek Porkins
- 1 "Hobbie" Klivian
- 1 Tarn Mison
- 1 Red Squadron Pilot
- 1 Rookie Squadron Pilot

24 Upgrade Cards
- 1 WED-15 Repair Droid
- 1 Toryn Farr
- Carlist Rieekan
- 1 Jan Dodonna
- 1 Expanded Cargo Hold
- 1 Tibanna Gas Supplies
- 1 Comms Booster
- 1 Frequency Jammer
- 1 Backup Shield Generator
- 1 Engine Booster
- 1 EM Emitter
- 1 Shield Projector
- 1 Slicer Tools
- 1 Combat Rifle
- 1 Bright Hope
- 1 Quantum Storm
- 1 Dutyfree
- 1 R3-A2
- 1 R2-D6
- 1 R4-D6
- 1 R5-P9
- 3 Flechette Torpedoes

This is not a complete game experience. A copy of the X-Wing Miniatures Game Core Set is required to play.

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Iconic Indeed
This ship is Iconic and provides a great experience for SW fans, specially by reacreating Hoth environment.

However, it is not a ship that you will be using in every game, it provides a lot of great cards, specially for X-wing fans.
Game Play
Review by Carlos Eduardo on 2/2/2016
loads of new cards
The best thing about this ship, in my opinion is the slew of new x-wing pilot cards you get with it. pretty much gives you a card for virtually every names pilot in the original trillogy that didn't already come in the core set or x-wing expansion. you get Porkins, Dak, Hobbie, Jansen and several others. cool stuff! The x-wing included is pretty much your standard t-65. the transport itself is fantastically detailed. I only wish it was at a larger scale to fit in with how the other ships all are relative to each other in size. all in all, it's a fantastic package!
Game Play
Review by Pancho on 1/20/2016
Extra awesome now that the new T-70s are out
First thing's first, as is the norm for FFG's X-Wing products, the transport and X-Wing models are lovingly detailed with delightful paintjobs. From a quality perspective, this is an obvious buy for anyone that likes the look of the iconic rebel transports or wants to play out the escape from Hoth.

It's harder to rate this product from a gameplay perspective. While Epic/Cinematic play with huge base ships is a lot of fun, it's nowhere near as common as games using the small and large base ships. You will probably never use the majority of materials in this set if you just play tournament and escalation games. So with that said, what is in this set for normal squad lists? X-Wings and Astromechs. You get four new unique X-Wing pilots (double the number of unique pilots in the Core or X-Wing expansion) and a few of them do have some cool abilities though the T-65 X-Wing in general hasn't been doing so hot lately. Thankfully, the astromechs are awesome and are a great addition to some E-Wing and Y-Wing builds. Even better, the new T-70 X-Wing becomes even better with the addition of these astromechs.

In summary, this is a fantastic set if your primary goal is to play Epic and Cinematic games with the rebel transport. It's a good set if you want to strengthen your rebel squadrons with some top notch astromechs and especially if you want to bring the X-Wings to the table.
Game Play
Review by Patrick on 1/4/2016
Waited a while to buy my transport, should have bought it sooner. This expansion is great for your 100 point squads. Whether you want play competitively or go toward thematic builds. Since FFG had a epic event at their Worlds 2015 maybe we will see some organized epic events. The detailing on the transport is outstanding and the alternate paint scheme on the T-65 X-wing is crisp and looks great on the table.
Game Play
Review by Todd on 12/4/2015
Another great ship!!
The model makers of this game have hit another home run!! It may seem like an easy ship to replicate, but the detail in this ship is even better than expected. The cargo bay underside is just a marvel to look at. As far as gameplay goes, I haven't had much time to try out Epic, but the extra xwing is great for regular missions. I would recommend this set for display ability alone...
Game Play
Review by scott on 10/12/2015
Finally getting useful
When this guy came out I was thinking that FFG would be going all in on epic play and it would be a fun new way to play the game. That never really happened and this ship pretty much just sat around. It's taken a long time but we are finally getting two epic ships for both rebels and imperial in late 2015 (still no scum). I'm hopeful that this means epic will start to gain steam as another play mode.

The model is great and the extra x wing is neat...but this is not a must buy.
Game Play
Review by ben on 10/11/2015
Comes with an X-wing
Being a completionist I had to have this bad boy. The details in the model are amazing. All the container in the magnetic field are ridiculous. My group hasn't really jumped into epic yet. But we did run this in a modified scenario like the Lambda escort mission and it was fun , but for the most part it's just a pretty desk conversation piece at the office. Added another X-wing to my fleet which is cool.
Game Play
Review by Keltz on 10/1/2015
Another Great Value from MM!
I bought the Rebel Transport more to complete a collection than to actually use, but the actions this ship brings to the game make is very worthwihle. The level of detail on the miniature is excellent, much more than I had expected. And the expansion includes an alternate paint job X-Wing with it's own set up pilot and upgrade cards, adding even more value.
Game Play
Review by Boxcar Gaming on 9/23/2015
If you want to field Rogue Squadron get this set.
Honestly, epic play doesn't happen as much as the normal iteration of X-Wing, so the transport is of limited usefulness aside from some crew cards that can go on other Rebel ships. The REAL value in this set is the alternate paint job X-Wing and the half dozen or so named X-Wing pilots. For that alone I'd recommend purchasing this expansion. Who knows? With the Imperials getting their two epic ships the epic play format may become more prevalent.
Game Play
Review by ZimZam on 9/12/2015
Step up your game with Huge Ships
If you're playing Epic games then this ship is essential. It is a great support ship and comes with one of the best X-Wing pilots out there, Wes Janson. After attacking he can strip any beneficial tokens or target locks on an enemy ship, making it more vulnerable for upcoming attacks.
Game Play
Review by Jesse on 9/7/2015
Epic fun, Epic quality, Epic value
Five stars across the board may seem like a rave, but this is one great ship.

This weaponless support ship is so much more satisfying to play than I expected. The jam action is brutal: I ran a TIE Defender off the table and kept a Firespray totally action-denied.

The obstruction the ship provides (especially with EM Emitter), and the collision danger it poses, add well to the game. It feels just like it should.

This is one of the more attractive X-Wing models. The quality is there; solid, good paint, great detail. The included X-Wing escort is not as stunning as it looks in photos, but it is a nice alternate paint job.

As usual MM has the best price on these. Value-wise, you're getting a small ship, so the transport itself is really like thirty bucks.

The alternate X-Wing tends to go on the secondary market for a premium, so if you don't need it you can probably reduce your cost on this model even more.

If you're looking to try Epic this is the place to start.
Game Play
Review by Lansing on 9/7/2014
Great detail for a great price right out of the box.
Take a good look at this piece people its not one piece molded its a detailed model that is hand painted. You can actually count the supply crates at the bottom of the model. For the scale and detail level of this piece it is an amazing job. Value is something on a personal level its only as valuable as you want it to be. To me its priceless. To have an iconic piece that can be displayed as well as be used in a table top recreation is awesome. FFG did a great job capturing the detail from a movie. The ship was seen for like a total of 15 seconds in 2 movies and anyone who has seen them know right away "I know that ship!" Price point for detail level is of great value. Name another company that has made an iconic ship for gaming that is affordable for the general public. Great piece.
Game Play
Review by Sgt Mclusky on 5/29/2014
Great Ship!
Great fig, great rules and at this price not a bad buy. Even if you don't use it in many games it looks great sitting on a shelf as a display piece.
Game Play
Review by Larabic on 5/23/2014