Darkrock Ventures (Clearance)

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In the year 3015, the galaxy is wracked by an interplanetary depression. Most planets have been over-mined and the deadliest occupation is now also the most lucrative: asteroid mining in the deepest, darkest reaches of space.

In Darkrock Ventures, you control a deep-space asteroid mining venture. With your small ship and a handpicked crew, you'll set out with the goal of extracting as much of the valuable resources from the asteroid "Amelia's Jewel" as possible.

However, you will not be alone. Your operation will rival other independent mining companies whose goal is the same: get rich and get out. Dangerous conditions await and equipment failures are common but most of all, be wary of alien marauders who might be waiting in the darkness, poised to strike when you least expect it. Nobody is safe...and every minute counts.

Wealthy mining corporations are waiting to sponsor you and the most profitable crews will be rewarded; so assign your crew members wisely, start drilling, and please - try to avoid being disintegrated. The riches of the Darkrock await!

Three Ways to Play:
2-5 Players Competitive
1-5 Players Cooperative
2 Players Head-to-Head

1 Game Board
1 Leader Tile
5 Ship Boards
18 Dice
20 Crew Member Meeples
5 Captain Meeples
36 Wood Resource Tokens
5 Cargo Hold Tokens
5 Credit Tokens
14 Therion Marauder Cards
12 Corporate Sponsor Cards
15 Research Cards
10 Damage Tokens
5 Disintegrations Tokens
1 Neutronium Track Board

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-5
Game Length: 30-45 minutes

NOTE: Manufactured by Magic Meeple Games; distributed by Hit Point Sales.