Hordes: Skorne - Siege Animantarax

Hordes: Skorne - Siege Animantarax

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Lumbering inexorably across the battlefield, animantaraxes are living siege engines. The ornate houdaas atop their backs bristle with veteran crews of Praetorians wielding spears and Venators manning double-combed reiver guns. Incoming fire serves only to enrage these giant beasts, and their handlers gladly indulge their anger and watch with grim satisfaction as the behemoths smash through their foes and deliver death to everything within reach.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.

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A souped-up (battle) engine!
I got this "derp turtle" months after it was released, and had no illusions that i was buying it for any other reason than I loved the model. However, the rules for this model have recently been errata'd, and it is MUCH BETTER NOW.

Privateer Press has made two significant changes:
First, any attack that causes damage can add rage tokens to this model now, not just enemy attacks. So now you can use your paingiver beast handlers to whip him into a frenzy, kinda like your other beasts.

Second, you can now BOOST THE GUNS on this model (and the spears, but whatever). This makes an enormous difference. Originally, you could only boost melee tail attacks - which was basically terrible. Now, you get d3+1 boosted shots, making it a pretty reasonable threat against both high defense and high armor. Add in the cyclops raider and extoller soul ward you may well have in your army anyway, and you've got one heck of a weapon platform (with the Weapon Platform ability no less.)

It's still not a model for every army, but then few Skorne models are. What it does have now, though, is a job to do in the right army ... and it does it pretty well! I've been very pleased with the new souped-up battle engine!

As for the model, I just love it. Mine was complete out of the box (if yours is not, PP has the best replacement service of any company I've ever used) and the components clean up and come together cleanly if not exactly easily.
Game Play
Review by Chris on 9/23/2015
The (Battle) Engine That Couldn't
I am sad to say that despite how much I like the look of the model, I cannot justify bringing it along with the rest of my army. It has spent the last few years sitting on the sidelines, teary-eyed, as the rest of my Skorne minis gleefully hack, slash, and pummel the enemy into submission.

It eats up a chunk of points that could either go to infantry, which could cover and threaten a much larger area of table space, or a warbeast, which could be used to generate Fury for my warlock or be available to eat my warlock's damage via a transfer. It's slow, not very difficult to remove from the table, and can't put out the volume of attacks capable of a comparatively-priced warbeast. Spells that can support it are generally better applied to other candidates in your army, and give better results.

That said, the model at least looks good. The majority of pieces are resin, although some parts (the praetorians, tassels, the decorative base for the reiver cannon, and the creature's headdress) are metal. The parts are all nicely detailed, and require a bit of cleaning before assembly (Note: when working with resin, always wear a proper mask to prevent breathing in resin dust! Use a hobby knife or wet sanding as much as you can to limit the amount of dust produced!).

If you really like the look of the model, it makes for an excellent display piece for when your army is on the shelf. But sadly, I cannot recommend using it in the actual game unless you embody the Skorne concept that suffering will make you stronger.
Game Play
Review by Steve on 9/9/2015