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Hordes: Skorne - Despoiler Character Heavy Warbeast Box (Clearance)

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Product #PIP74076

Hordes: Skorne - Despoiler Character Heavy Warbeast Box (Clearance)

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A walking testament to the power of mortitheugy, Despoiler is as much a beast as it is an arcane implement through which the Void howls. The product of unorthodox experimentation, the beast is driven mad by the shrieking of damned souls. Consequently it fights in a near-frenzy, smashing victims to a pulp, though their deaths serve only to further fuel the din in its mind.

Despoiler comes in a box (PIP74076), which contains 1 figure. A player may field one Despoiler in a Skorne army.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.