Hordes: Skorne - Despoiler Character Heavy Warbeast Box

Hordes: Skorne - Despoiler Character Heavy Warbeast Box

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Manufacturer: Privateer Press

A walking testament to the power of mortitheugy, Despoiler is as much a beast as it is an arcane implement through which the Void howls. The product of unorthodox experimentation, the beast is driven mad by the shrieking of damned souls. Consequently it fights in a near-frenzy, smashing victims to a pulp, though their deaths serve only to further fuel the din in its mind.

Despoiler comes in a box (PIP74076), which contains 1 figure. A player may field one Despoiler in a Skorne army.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.

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A fun mix of strange powers
Despoiler is a character heavy warbeast, and therefore fairly pricy in terms of army points. He's also got pretty low Power and Strength when he attacks. What he lacks in terms of raw hitting power, though, he makes up for with a bunch of abilities. The key to succeeding with this guy is getting those varied abilities to work for you - because you're paying for all of them. Perhaps most importantly, he makes Void Spirit solos when living enemy models die nearby - so don't forget to pick up a few when you pick up Despoiler. If you're a fan of multi-use utility models, Despoiler can be a lot of fun. If you're looking for something a little more straightforward, consider spending those same points on a Bronzeback Titan instead.

The model itself is tricky to build, but looks very cool once assembled. It's not for rookie builders! Mine was missing one lantern stand, and Privateer sent a replacement quickly at no cost.

NOTE: The "price" and "value" ratings above reflect the miniature market price for this model, which is heavily discounted.
Game Play
Review by Chris on 9/23/2015