Arcane Legions 2 Player Starter Set (over 120 minis!) (Clearance)

Arcane Legions 2 Player Starter Set (over 120 minis!) (Clearance)

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In the year 42BCE, a mysterious magical force was unleashed upon an unsuspecting world. The miasmic shockwave of pure otherworldly magic spread outward from a point somewhere in the middle east, and in a few short hours plunged the entire globe into chaos. In those terrible moments, human civilization changed forever.

Magic infused their very bones, manifested in their children, came unbidden to the fingertips of their women, and plagued their countryside in uncontrolled bursts of power. Ordinary beasts of the wilderness were turned by these bursts into fanciful creatures of legend. Entire tribes of humans from all corners of the world were altered by the flood of uncontrolled magic, changing before the very eyes of their friends and neighbors into elves, dwarves, orcs, trolls, centaurs, and even minotaurs. Creatures that normally existed between our reality and others were shunted into this one, leaving ghosts, faeries, and other magical creatures stranded in our world in ways they were never intended to be. Even remnants of the Old World, gods of the ancients and their ken, were awakened from their immortal slumber through this great cataclysm to trouble mankind once more.

The world had changed forever.

The year is now 37BCE and the middle-east sits at the center of a vast struggle to control humanity’s fate. Three powerful nations have harnessed the power unleashed by the day of chaos, and they struggle to claim dominance over the known world. Their arcane legions are now yours to control.

Figures are highly detailed true 25mm made from PVC 105. Common figures are unpainted with colored tempo prints on banners and shields, while all the uncommon, rare and Commander figures (Booster Pack contents) are fully pre-painted. The game is designed to use both types. There are 9 different unpainted common figures for each faction and at least 20 different fully painted premium figures for each faction.

Two-Player Starter Set Includes:

3x painted miniatures (1 per basic faction):

1x Titus Petronius (1R12)

1x Zhongli Quan (1H10)

1x Amenhotep III (1E12)

120x unpainted miniatures (40 per faction)

40x miniatures from Roman Infantry Army Pack (see below)

40x miniatures from Han Infantry Army Pack (see below)

40x miniatures from Egyptian Infantry Army Pack (see below)

10x formation bases (rectangular)

3x sortie bases (square)

12x formation unit cards

3x sortie unit cards

3x victory cards (one per faction)

36x small dice (12x Red, 12x White, 12x Blue)

1x turning movement tool

1x rule book (contains fictional backstory)

2x control area markers

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Such Value!
I bought this for use with other games, so I'm not reviewing the Arcane Legion gameplay, but what they can offer outside of that. These miniatures are definitely way smaller than many wargaming miniatures, but they are so cheap and have some nice detail in their sculpts. The roman spears are a bit short and the greek swords are a bit small looking, but otherwise everything looks good. The prepainted shields is nice as it gives uniformity without having to add all those details yourself.
Game Play
Review by Sandman on 12/30/2015
Best Figures Eer!
Wow. Three awesome armies. All Great sculpts. The game is fun on it's own but these armies can easily fit into any campaign world... Best value on this entire sight- and that's saying something!
Game Play
Review by Jeff on 10/15/2015
Simple to learn, fun to play.
This starter set gives you enough minis for a full 3 armies. One army per faction with each faction having its own play style. The rules are simple and game play goes quick.
Game Play
Review by Adam on 9/21/2015
A good game
Arcane Legions is a good game that did not live up to initial expectations. I have the entire set of Roman, Han, and Egyptian infantry, cavalry, and boosters. It's a good game, with an interesting miniatures on formation bases concept. I recommend the painted miniatures; they are heavily discounted, if they are still available, but the unpainted units are an unbeatable deal/value.

Each army has their strengths and strategies, that players may choose from a vast array of different formations and units. However, I have found that the Romans appear to be the strongest faction - in all three games I've played, they have won - their high defensive value is their distinguishing factor, as well as their training that allows them to reform easier. The Egyptian army is characterized by undead (mummies!), which are easily dispatched, but can be resurrected with the right leader. The regular troops of the Han are terracotta soldiers, which, as expected, are fragile.

I like the game and for the price, it is quite inexpensive to try out.
Game Play
Review by Winston on 9/21/2015