Everway RPG: Book 2 - Gamemasters (Silver Anniversary Edition)

Everway RPG: Book 2 - Gamemasters (Silver Anniversary Edition) (Clearance)

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Manufacturer: Atlas Games

Create Mythic Quests
Run epic stories for a group of mythic fantasy heroes across a rich multiverse. Develop exciting new realms and quests bursting with possibilities for a larger than life experience.

New Creatures, Quests, and Options
Discover more than a hundred new creatures and four massive ready-to-run quests. Learn about new game play options for magic, hero advancement, and player control.

Powered by the Fortune Deck
Everyway is a diceless game where actions in the game are resolved by Karma, Drama, and Fortune. A method of drawing the unique tarot-like cards is included in this book.

About Silver Anniversary Edition
The twenty-fifth anniversary edition has a new mix of more than 150 vision images, an easy-to read-layout, an expanded setting, new rules options and improvements, over 100 new creatures, new maps, and three new quests. It is divided between Book 1: Players and Book 2: Gamemasters.

400 pages