Star Wars X-Wing 2E: Battle of Yavin Expansion Pack

Star Wars X-Wing 2E: Battle of Yavin Expansion Pack

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Relive One of the Most Important Battles in Galactic History!

With the Death Star quickly approaching their secret base on Yavin IV, Rebel pilots launched an attack on the Imperial battle station in a desperate bid to save the Rebellion. Harried by laser fire from the Death Star's towers and pursued by Imperial pilots led by Darth Vader himself, the Rebels' target is an exhaust port only two meters wide.

This Scenario Pack invites you to recreate this climactic battle on your tabletop with new ship cards, a Death Star Trench, and the rules for playing out the Battle of Yavin scenario.

NEW Standard Loadout Ship Cards:
  Rebel Alliance
   ‣ Garven Dreis (T-65 X-Wing}
   ‣ Luke Skywalker (T-65 X-Wing)
   ‣ Jek Porkins (T-65 X-Wing)
   ‣ Biggs Darklighter (T-65 X-Wing)
   ‣ Wedge Antilles (T-65 X-Wing)
   ‣ Han Solo (modified YT-1300 Light Freighter)
   ‣ "Dutch" Vander (BTL-A4 Y-Wing)
   ‣ Dex Tiree (BTL-A4 Y-Wing)
   ‣ "Pops" Krail (BTL-A4 Y-Wing)
   ‣ Hold Okand (BTL-A4 Y-Wing)
  Galactic Empire
   ‣ Darth Vader (TIE Advanced x1)
   ‣ "Backstabber" (TIE/In Fighter)
   ‣ "Mauler" Mithel (TIE/In Fighter)
   ‣ "Dark Cruise" (TIE/In Fighter)
   ‣ "Wampa" (TIE/In Fighter)
   ‣ Iden Versio (TIE/In Interceptor)
   ‣ Sigma 4 (TIE/In Interceptor)
   ‣ Sigma 5 (TIE/In Interceptor)
   ‣ Sigma 6 (TIE/In Interceptor)
   ‣ Sigma 7 (TIE/In Interceptor)

20 Standard Loadout Ship Cards
2 Oversized Condition Cards
8 Death Star Trench Tokens
11 New Ship Tokens
1 Rules Insert

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