Army Painter: The Others - Paint Set of Sin

Army Painter: The Others - Paint Set of Sin

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Painting miniatures for The Others presents some unique challenges, so having colours that have been specially designed for the job is a must.

"I picked colours that not only work well for a particular Sin, but also mixed well with each other for shading and highlight colours for different Sins. I also added paints that would be useful in general - such as Glistening Blood, and Red Tone Ink. Gloss Varnish is a great addition for giving shine to slavering maws and sharp talons."
- Mike McVey
Art Director for 'The Others' Studio McVey

10 Paints
-Red Tone Ink
-Gloss Varnish
-Glistening Blood


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Probably not worth it
No included tutorials for painting with this set (unlike Shadows of Brimestone, for example, with offered many tutorials). New painters who find online tutorials for The Others would be better off using the paints from the videos they are using (haven't seen any online tutorials that use this set). Veterain painters, on the other hand, likely have all the paints they need already to mix up custom colors to their liking. Therefore, I see very little value for anyone to buy this (unless, of course, you find it on the Drop for $10 :)
Game Play
Review by John on 11/10/2019