Cardline: Animals

Cardline: Animals (Last Chance)


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Manufacturer: Asmodee

The sheep is clearly bigger and heavier than the hedgehog, but does it live longer? I suppose so. But what about Herman's tortoise? It is small and light too, yet it seems to me that it can live a very long time. But what does "very long" mean compared to an elephant or a whale? Pfff. . .it's not easy to estimate the life expectancy of an animal. I'll probably do better with the size or the weight of the animal.

In Cardline: Animals, these are the kinds of questions you'll face every time you want to place one of your cards. There is only one goal: to be the first to play all of your cards correctly.

This box contains 110 animal-themed cards. All these cards are compatible with the cards form the Cardline series. So, by combining several boxes with different themes, you can multiply the possibilities and the gaming experience!

110 Cards

Ages: 7+
Players: 2-8
Game Length: 15 minutes

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