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Manufacturer: Asmodee

Time for an underwater game of cat-and-mouse, with each of the two teams in Sonar competing to be the first to deal two points of damage to the other. Do that, and you win the game instantly.

Sonar is a family version of Captain Sonar. In this version of the game your crew size is cut down to 2, meaning a full game only needs a much more manageable 4 people to fill every spot. Half of the roles and a lot of extras steps have been removed and you just have two positions, the captain and the radio operator.

2 Sets of 4 Sheets
2 Transparent Sheets (1 for Each Radio Operator)
4 Erasable Markers
1 Screen

Ages: 8+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 30 minutes

Note: Published by Matagot; distributed by Asmodee North America.