Legendary Inventors

Legendary Inventors (Clearance)

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Gen Con Nightly Roundup

Who would imagine Gutenberg and Marie Curie cooperating on the invention of the automobile? If Edison, Hippocrates, and Fibonacci had worked together on the hourglass, which one of them would have claimed ownership? Would Tesla have become famous if he had invented the Zeppelin?

From the invention of fire to that of the light bulb, from Aristotle to Einstein, Legendary Inventors invites you to revisit the history of technological progress.

1. Each player has a team of inventors.
2. Send one of your inventors out to work on an invention.
3. Share the rewards once the invention is completed.
4. Improve the knowledge of your inventors.

20 Cardboard Tiles
85 Cardboad Tokens
36 Cards
75 Wooden Cubes
1 Plastic Figurine
1 Bag
2 Booklets

Ages: 10+
Players: 2-5
Game Length: 40 minutes

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