Critical Mass: Raijin vs Archon)

Critical Mass: Raijin vs Archon

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Critical Mass Review
Top 10 Games at Origins 2018

The war lasted just over one hour. No one remembers who fired first, but the outcome was worse than the starkest of projections. The world is now ash, with a scoured atmosphere and boiling seas. To operate and survive in this new hostile environment, powerful walking war machines were created. Alert! Sensors have detected an enemy Mech closing in on your position!

Take on the role of a Mech pilot, with the mission to destroy your opposition. Behind the control panel, you must carefully choose the card to play each turn to attack your opponent, defend against their weapons, perform special actions, or enhance your Mech with equipment.

Featuring simultaneous play, with Mech customization on the fly! The tension stays high until the final armor plate is incinerated! With a second set, you can play with 3-4 players at once!

2 Mech Cockpit Boards
12 Archon Cards
12 Raijin Cards
48 Additional Cards to Customize Mechs
6 Multiplayer Targeting Cards
31 Metallic Cubes
4 Green Cubes

Ages: 14+
Players: 2
Game Length: 30 minutes



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