878: Vikings - Invasions of England

878: Vikings - Invasions of England

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The Vikings are coming! Lured by plunder from past raids, a great heathen host of Norsemen has landed in England, seeking glory and riches. These warriors are poised to thunder across the heartland of the divided English kingdoms. No longer content with just raiding, the Vikings are here to settle and rule the lands they conquer.

In 878: Vikings, players command either the invading Vikings or the defending English. Viking payers lead waves of invading Norsemen and fearless Berserker warriors. The English players lead tghe Housecarl "King's Household Troops" and the Thegn "Regional Nobles" along with the Fyrd "local Peasant Levies" who are called upon to defend their cities.

Players on each side work together to coordinate their strategies in an attempt to control City Shires. The English begin the game controlling all of England, but the Vikings repeatedly invade from the sea with more men, intent on conquest!

878: Vikings is an area control game that is great for head-to-head or up to 4-player team play.

1 Large Historical Map Board
130 Miniatures
12 Custom Battle Dice
100 Cards
7 Leaders
Turn Cubes
Draw Bag
Control Markers

Ages: 12+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 60-120 minutes