Team Yankee: Iron Maiden (Hardcover)

Team Yankee: Iron Maiden (Hardcover) (Last Chance)

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Manufacturer: Battlefront Miniatures

"All Call Signs Charlie, Zero Bravo," Major Charles Leslie alerted his troops. "Move in five."

C Squadron, 17th/21st Lancers, and the Irish Guardsmen supporting them made their last-minute preparations, each man checking his weapons one more time and going through the little rituals that had become talismans against violent death.

After days of hard fighting, they were worn and frayed, no longer so eager to test themselves in battle. Their expressions were grim and hard. The coming battle was not going to be easy. The Soviets fought tenaciously to hold what they'd taken. It wouldn't matter though. C Squadron would live up to the regimental motto: "Death or Glory," and today it would be the enemy that would die and C Squadron that would reach for glory.

With its usual professionalism, the British Army had prepared for war. Now, as the Soviet Army flooded across the border in West Germany, it was ready and waiting. Scorpion and Scimitar light tanks skirmished with the Soviet forward detachments as the Chieftain armoured regiments waited. The infantry held the towns and woods, forcing the enemy into killing zones. If anything broke through, the airmobile troops in their Lynx helicopters would hold them. The British Army is ready.

Inside you will find:
- Background on the British Army, the 3rd Armoured Division, and the Death or Glroy Boys
- Instructions on how to build an Armoured Squadron, Mechanised Company, Airmobile Company, or Medium Recce Squadron
- Two scenarios to test your skills
- A detailed painting guide to help you prepare your British troops for combat

A copy of the Team Yankee: Rulebook is necessary to use the contents of this book.