In the Hall of the Mountain King

In the Hall of the Mountain King

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Manufacturer: Burnt Island Games

Territory denial. Cascading production. Magic & muscle. An innovative game for 2-5 trolls that is easy to learn and hides rich depths.

The war was generations ago. Driven from our ancestral home beneath the mountain, we have been scratching out survival in the cold and the dirt. But now something has happened; we feel it in our bones. Without the soul of our people to sustain it, the mountain has collapsed, taking our revenge for us. Our enemies have fled, and the rubble of our ancient halls calls out for we trolls to come home. By claw and by hammer we will return to our home and our home will return to us!

1 Game Board
5 Player Mats
55 Troll Cards
30 Starter Troll Cards
17 Spell Cards
2 Team Storage Cards
52 Tunnel Tiles
6 Great Hall Tiles
5 Gate Tiles
1 Start Token
22 Workshop Tiles
2 Coronation Tiles
35 Coin Tokens
15 Pedestal Point Tiles
100 Mineral Cubes
21 Wooden Statues
18 Wooden Pedestals
20 Wooden Hammers
45 Wooden Carts
25 Plastic Runes
5 Wooden Score Markers
1 Draw Bag
1 Rulebook

Ages: 12+
Players: 1-5
Game Length: 90 minutes



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