TECHNO BOWL: Arcade Football Unplugged

TECHNO BOWL: Arcade Football Unplugged

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Manufacturer: Bombshell Games

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Forget about expensive game systems, emulators, disconnected online games, and high-priced yearly roster updates. TECHNO BOWL takes everything you love about arcade and video game football classics like Tecmo Bowl, NFL Blitz, and Madden and puts it all on the tabletop.

Design your own formations and plays on-the-fly!
- 5 unique modes of play including arcade, pro, and the over-the-top INFERNO mode!
- 7-vs-7 or 8-vs-8 gameplay
- Revolutionary skill check system provides constant action and excitement with zero down time!
- 26 unique player skills

32 MFL teams to master, each with their own unique play style.

592 Player and Scouting Cards (all 32 MFL teams!)
256 Player Tokens (8 for each of the 32 MFL teams!)
12 Fire Tokens
4 Down Markers
4 Skill Check Dice
20 Clear Acrylic Stands
1 Deluxe Rubberized Cloth Football Field (14" x 28")
1 Scoreboard
1 Game Rulebook
1 Team Guide
6 Quick Reference Sheets
12 Yellow Wooden Time Cubes
4 Red Wooden Timeout Cubes
2 Brown Wooden Football Cubes
12 Orange Wooden Fire Cubes
2 MORE FUN! LEAGUE 8-BIT Controller Card Stands

Ages: 14+
Players: 2
Game Length: 45-90 minutes




Surprise hit of 2017!!!
I purchased this game after watching a live play through video from Robert Oren on YouTube. This game has blown me away and the community for it is amazing. You receive all 32 teams that are really awesome parodies of your favorite players and teams. Each team has a different feel when playing this game. This game is super easy to learn, has a well laid out rulebook, and is surprisingly very deep. There are multiple "modes" you can use to play the game. It is almost like the difficulty levels of Madden but each adds more layers and fun to the game!

I am a Blood Bowl fanatic but this game comes with EVERYTHING needed to in one box! No need to wait for expansion teams and star players to be released and spend thousands to have it all. There is no need to spend any more than the asking price for this product unless you want to custom make the pixel block players. Like Blood Bowl their is plenty of strategy but the dice rolls can make or break you. You can get the instructions and files needed for the pixel block players by emailing Brent Spivey through the Bombshell Games website for free by providing your order number.

You can tell this game was play tested very well. This quality of components, layers of depth, theme, and ease to learn make this a must have! This game has immediately entered my Top 10 and I feel others would share the same sentiment. Please give this game a try and you will soon realize this is the surprise hit of 2017!
Game Play
Review by Shane P. on 8/5/2017