Castles & Crusades RPG: Player's Handbook (9th Printing)

Castles & Crusades RPG: Player's Handbook (9th Printing)

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What Lies Herein

Castles & Crusades is a tabletop fantasy RPG with countless possibilities. Designed for use with multiple players, Castles & Crusades puts you in charge of the adventure path. Included within are all the rules of play, how to get started in your very own RPG, how to run the game, and how to play in it.

This Player's Handbook introduces you to our easy-to-learn attribute-based rules system that allows players to choose among multiple archetypes to build their characters. Spell, fast-paced combat rules, and all essential information needed to play a game of Castles & Crusades are in this book.

Reap the harvest of unending adventure.

240 pages