Who Goes There? Deluxe Edition

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Manufacturer: Certifiable Studios

Far out in the Antarctic, a shapeshifting alien was found frozen in the ice. Your excavation team has brought ti back to camp for study, but after escaping the ice, it has other plans in mind. Now, disaster has fallen over your camp, and that Thing is out there somewhere.

You and your team must fight to survive. Work together building weapons and items to protect yourselves as you search for the helicopter bonuses so you can successfully escape this frigid nightmare.

Everyone begins the game as humans, but the more encounters you have with the Thing, the more likely it is someone will become infected. Be wary. It's hard to take orders from a leader you don't trust, first aid from a vulnerable doctor, or food from a suspicious cook.

This Deluxe Edition includes the base game and four expansion characters.

1 Rulebook Manual
9 Sculpted Character Minis
1 Sculpted Phase Maker Mini
1 Sculpted Helicopter Die
8 Character Standees
10 Translucent Action Dice
8 Dual Layered Character Boards
48 Translucent Stamina Cubes
48 Translucent Action Cubes
8 Locker Dice
6 Infection Clickers
6 Build Menus
104 Item Tiles
22 Strikes
6 Critical Strikes
50 Experience Gems
1 Came Event Board
1 Inside Camp Board
1 Outsde Camp Board
160 Character Specialty Cards
54 Workshop Cards
54 Storage Cards
25 Camp Event Cards
25 Phase 1 Cards
25 Phase 2 Cards
25 Phase 3 Cards
12 Vulnerable Cards

Ages: 14+
Players: 3-6
Game Length: 110+ minutes



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