Shards of the Jaguar

Shards of the Jaguar

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In ancient times, a mighty warrior defended our tribe against all threats. One day, a most mysterious enemy, a dark spirit, threatened our people. Using his mystical powers, the warrior took the shape of a jaguar to prepare for battle. Although the warrior was victorious, the dark spirit cursed him, and his very essence was shattered into crystal shards.

The shards of the Jaguar remain scattered throughout the Sacred Temple, deep in the mountains. During an initiation trial, you will seek them out, in order to incorporate their power! Your journey will not be easy. . . the temple is filled with perilous traps, but you must learn to use them in order to acquire the hunting instinct of the Jaguar!

Shards of the Jaguar is a competitive "dungeon-deduction" game, which requires both strategic and tactical thinking. Try to anticipate what the others will do and set clever traps against them! Collect precious crystal shards, mystical amulets, and map pieces leading to the Heart of the Jaguar! Outsmart the others and complete this trial to become the heir of the Jaguar, defender of your tribe!

4 Double-sided Game Board Tiles
4 Character Boards
1 Temple Board
1 Heart Wall
6 Trap Tokens
12 Trap Tokens
12 Map Pieces
12 Amulet Chests
8 Objectives
12 Objective Markers
7 Escape Tokens
19 Ritual Tokens
8 Level-up Tokens
1 Shield Token
64 Crystal Shards
4 Heart of the Jaguar
4 Glory Markers
4 Custom Initiate Pawns
1 Jaguar Meeple
8 Health & Curse Markers
8 Secret Door Markers
48 Custom Amulets
1 Round Marker
Solo Mode
  ‣ 8 Taming Tokens
  ‣ 8 Jaguar Movement Tokens

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 90 minutes


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