Chessex: Polyhedral Dice Set - Borealis Teal w/Gold (7)

Chessex Polyhedral Dice Set: Borealis Teal w/Gold (7)

Product #CHX27486

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Special Price: $7.99

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Manufacturer: Chessex

1 Four-sided Die
1 Six-sided Die
1 Eight-Dided die
1 Ten-sided Die
1 10's-place Die
1 Twelve-sided Die
1 Twenty-sided Die

Due to the unique design of these dice, coloring and color ratios will vary from set to set and may not be exactly as pictured.

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Beautiful Dice set and of course Chessex quality. I got them on sale and will be buying the set of 6siders to go with them.

Great service as usual from Miniature Market! My new favorite place!
Game Play
Review by BJ on 9/17/2015