Council of 4

Council of 4

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Council of 4 Review
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It is a time of wealth and prosperity for the three great kingdoms of the Empire, and you - rich merchants seeking to expand your business interests - want some of those riches!

In Council of 4, it pays to lend a hand. Help members of the six great families onto council seats across the Empire and persuade these wise councilors to return the favor (Just don't forget about the Queen! Such a powerful ally is definitely good for business!). Establish your merchants across the land; the better connected your networks, the greater the rewards will be!

Elect councilors, buy business permits, and connect your cities to become the most renowned merchant in Council of 4!

1 Main Board
1 Track Board
1 Queen Miniature
4 Big Merchant Miniatures
44 Small Merchant Miniatures
24 Councilor Miniatures
90 Politics Cards
12 Reward Tiles
30 Servant Tokens
14 City Toekns
45 Business Permit Tiles
8 Marker Tokens
4 Player Aid Cards

Ages: 14+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 40-70 minutes



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