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Newton @ 1:01:50

The 18th Century is a time of great scientific discoveries, as well as exciting research into mysterious and as yet unknown fields. Competition in the academic world is ruthless...above all for young scholars such as yourselves!

In order to follow in the steps of the great Newton you must devote yourselves to undertaking new research and increasing your knowledge in order to become the most highly respected scholar in the worlds' scientific community!

1 Map Board
1 Tracks Board
4 Study Boards
89 Cards
71 Tokens
134 Tiles
4 Scientists
16 Students
48 Travel Cubes
8 Markers
1 Rulebook

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 90 minutes




Wonderful strategy game, with multiple paths to victory
I bought this game on a whim (as a suggested game from miniature market no less) as I am a fan of the designers (one of the same of Marco Polo and others), and I am very glad I did. I find the game very enjoyable.

I have introduced this game to three separate game groups who all loved it after a first play and couldn't wait to play it again, and several now want to buy it themselves.

I disagree with the podcasters review of this game. They all consider Lorenzo il Magnifico in comparison to be the better game. I think the opposite. So far the people I've introduced both games to think the same. Just typing about it now makes me want to play it again. A tad pricey in comparison other games (Teotihuacan: City of Gods for example on this site for $35.00 and that has more components and quality, although this game is preferred over that as well).

Newton is a very fun game and is highly recommended.
Game Play
Review by Duke Davius on 7/31/2019