Rum and Bones: Mazu's Dreadful Curse - Hero Set #1

Rum & Bones: Mazu's Dreadful Curse - Hero Set #1 (Clearance)

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Rum & Bones is a board game of cutthroat swashbuckling pirate battles. This set is part of the Mazu's Dreadful Curse faction.

Captain Shu Ming, the Merciless

Shu Ming's story is similar to so many women that take to the sea: an arranged marriage gone wrong led to her flight from her father's palace. But Shu Ming was the youngest daughter of Emperor Gao Ming, the Ironhanded. Pursued for years, she became adept at evading or destroying her father's ambushes, giving no quarter to the poor fools sent to bring her home. Her success drove her father to the brink of madness, and led to his downfall at the hands of the rival Gor-Dawn dynasty. Upon receiving the news, Shu Ming is said to have laughed and said, "All according to plan."

Lien Hua, the Flower of Death - Swashbuckler

Lien Hua was born in Japan, the daughter of an exiled family. Her father earned their living by teaching Chinese fighting arts, but unfortunately fell into a protracted feud with a rival Japanese instructor. The feud was settled when the local prefect commanded that they exchanged children as hostages for ten years and one day. Thus, the pre-teen Lien Hua spent much of her formative years under the instruction of a Japanese swordmaster, and earned her titles as the Flower of Death.

Ai Fei, Favored of Mazu - Brute

It's whispered that Ai Fei may enjoy a divine origin. Few women of such exceptional intelligence and beauty can boast the strength of ten men. Her only parent was her father, a humble fisherman from Singapore whose ship never returned one fateful autumn day. Ai Fei prayed to all the gods for guidance and knowledge, and Mazu answered with a vision of her father scrubbing decks in chains. Subsequent visions led her to the Dreadful Curses, despite her lack of sailing knowledge.


3 Miniatures

3 Hero Cards

Ages: 14+
Players: 2-6
Game Length: 60 minutes

This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of both Rum & Bones and Mazu's Dreadful Curse Expansion is required to play.