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The Others (Clearance)

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Our Darkest Secrets Have Manifested.
Our Inner Monsters Now Roam the Streets.

The sins that once tormented our souls are poised to consume the entire world. All that stands against this nightmare is FAITH, We must fight fire with fire, and pray the flames of corruption don't engulf us all!

The Others is a horror board game for 2 to 5 players. While one player controls the nightmarish forces of Sin, trying to consume the ancient city of Haven, the rest control the agents of FAITH, a paranormal organization employing unorthodox heroes to stand against the monstrous invasion.

The Sin forces of both Pride and Sloth contained in this box, as well as the 3 different types of Acolytes, each bring a completely different challenge to Hero players, as they face the apocalypse across 7 different stories, with unique maps. While the Sins player uses the powers of the The Others to annihilate the FAITH agents, the Hero players need to cooperate, use the city to their advantage, and even dabble in the seductive power of corruption to fulfill their missions

47 Highly Detailed Figures
- 8 Hero Figures
- 8 Pride Monsters
- 8 Sloth Monsters
- 18 Acolytes
- 5 Hell Club Figures

10 City Tiles
6 Boards for the Sins Player
8 Hero Dashboards
70 Cards
88 Cardboard Tokens
27 Sculpted Plastic Tokens
7 Story Boards
8 Colored Bases
14 Custom Dice
1 Rulebook

Ages: 14+
Players: 2-5
Game Length: 90 minutes




This Game Is Amazing
This game is awesome. It’s hard but fun at the same time. My wife and I love playing this game together. The models are beautiful and the game is easy to understand. It’s one of our favorite games of all time.
Game Play
Review by Cerealklr02 on 11/22/2017
In summary is an excellent game that is worth playing with an enviable theme and missions for the heroes very complicated giving the game a lot of gameplay.
A week ago I have the game and I have done 5 games which have been very exciting and with much suspense either from the team of heroes to overcome sin or backwards. At first there were some doubts with the battle phase mainly with the roll of dice and that and in the rule book leaves some gaps but already watching other games clarify those situations. In short, it is an excellent game to immerse yourself in your world of terror to all players making it very difficult on both sides to win the game.
Game Play
Review by Alejandro on 11/15/2016