Wrath of Kings: House Shael Han - Wrath Box #1 (8)

Wrath of Kings: House Shael Han - Wrath Box #1 (8)

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In times of great need, peril, or just as a blessing for devotion and service the War Goddess transforms the most pious Achrionian warriors into powerful engines of celestial power. The resulting Children of Wrath are mighty shock troops capable of meeting far more numerous enemies head-on, and winning far more often than not. The so-called "Big Brothers and Sisters" were amongst the first Achrionians transformed in the last great conflict. As veterans of many bloody battlefields, they're adept at reigning in their "younger" siblings' zeal, or inciting them to even greater heights of valor.

Plastic components.

6 Wrath
2 Big Sister
Stat Cards

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.