Wrath of Kings: House Teknes - Brood Box #1 (8)

Wrath of Kings: House Teknes - Brood Box #1 (8) (Last Chance)

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It was a war no one wanted at the worst possible time. Ancient King Arikan's throne, empty these last five centuries, had remained beyond the Scion Kings' reach, yet always in their thoughts. Centuries passed. Three Scions died. And two remaining heirs drew secret plans for decisive actions, a quick and limited conflict. But hidden hands tugged the tapestry, and unseen players altered the game. A war between brothers now engulfs the five nations as rulers great and small vie for the Empyrean Throne. In the end, only one shall ascend. Only one shall rule. Only one shall survive the Wrath of Kings.

Imbued with strength, resilience, and an array of bizarre powers, the new Brood Warriors might no represent the vat-grown soldiers envisioned by the first technomancers, but they're a shockingly effective foe. Opponents often underestimate these diminutive psychotics until it's far, far too later. The disturbing nature and baffling fighting styles of these cloned and mind-linked warriors can unnerve even hardened veterans. When commanded by Brood Masterminds, chaotic groups of milling Brood become almost one unified organism, vastly boosting both defense and offense.

Plastic components.

6 Brood Warrior
2 Brood Mastermind
Stat Cards

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.