Conquest: City States - One-Player Starter Set

Conquest: City States - One-Player Starter Set (New Arrival)

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Manufacturer: Para Bellum Wargames

38mm Scale

A robust 1-player starter ready to play a game of First Blood or The Last Argument of Kings. This City States set is loaded with a complete stand of 12 Hoplites, Phalangites, and Agema, the Polemarch and 3 Minotaurs - build them either as the Haspsits or Thyreans.

This starter makes a very thorough First Blood army as well as a great beginning set to play a game of Last Argument of Kings. Included in this set are BOTH rulebooks for First Blood II and TLAOK II, along with all assembly instructions, a great path of Conquest guide, and all bases and stands. A great value for players, a substantial discount over the prices if purchased separately.

How do the City States play? The forces of the City States consist of a strong core of rigorously trained and drilled soldiers supported by an assortment of hulking Minotaurs, towering spellcasting giants and mechanically enhanced veteran warriors. Although lacking strong missile support and with only one Cavalry option, the infantry core of the City States brings a plethora of troop types, formations and Special Rules to be pound-for-pound one of the most efficient infantry forces in the game.

When playing with the City States it is important to protect your vulnerable flanks and engage your Infantry line as soon as possible. Once in combat, the Faction's unique Strategic Stack will allow you to forfeit an Activation in one front to subsequently pressure and Activate twice on another. Finally, you can fine tune the defensive or offensive output of your infantry formations by adding Minotaurs within their formations!

Plastic components.

40 Miniatures
  ‣ 1 Aristarch
  ‣ 24 Phalangites/Hoplites
  ‣ 12 Agema/Thorakites
  ‣ 3 Minotaur Haspists/Thyreans
37 Infantry Bases and Stands
3 Cavalry Bases and Stands
9 Command Cards
1 Last Argument of Kings Paperback Rulebook
1 First Blood Paperback Rulebook
1 Path of Conquest Guide
Assembly Instructions

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.