Infinity: Nomads - Reverend Moiras Unit Box (4)

Infinity: Nomads - Reverend Moiras Unit Box (4)

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Manufacturer: Corvus Belli

The best experts in artificial intelligence in Praxis live in the convent module of the Mercy Observance. The Observers of Saint Mary of the Knife, Our Lady of Mercy, were one of the many groups seceeding from the Catholic Religion after the Great Apostasy, the pact with the ALEPH, considered a Devil's instrument.

The field Observers are also known as Reverend Moiras. The Reverends are the elite of the shock commandoes of Bakunin. They are experts in infowar, specialized in fighting the ALEPH, and enemies technically superior. All the Reverends have followed the Seven Rituals, hammering sanctified nails in their backs as proof of loyalty and devotion. The same as their namesakes, the Reverend Moiras display a terrible wrath when applying bitter punishment to those who commit a crime against the true believers in the Humanity.

This box contains:

1 Reverend Moira (Shock CCW)

1 Reverend Moira (Hacker, MULTI Rifle)

1 Reverend Moira (HMG)

1 Reverend Moira (MULTI Sniper Rifle)

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.