Infinity: Combined Army - Malignos (Hacker)

Infinity: Combined Army - Malignos (Hacker)

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The elite of the Shasvastii Continuum Expeditionary Forces is the Deep Incursion Corps.

It was created to balance the force of an army such as the Shasvastii, weak but well equipped and able front adversaries more numerous or better armoured. They are specialized in selective crushing attacks, able to disrupt enemy strategies. The psychological impact of their attacks is such that they received the Tagalog Philippine nickname of Malignos, given the damage they caused during the First Offensive on Paradiso. Malignos are too subtle to be detected by anti-intruder systems, which they dodge with incredible deftness. They are undetectable, and accordingly, untouchable. Nevertheless, they usually do not attack prematurely, displaying a perverse patience which is still more disquieting as it suggests that they are waiting for the right moment to cause the most harm!

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