Infinity: ALEPH - Teucer, Agema's Warrant Officer (Feuerbach) (1)

Infinity: ALEPH - Teucer, Agema's Warrant Officer (Feuerbach) (1)

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Manufacturer: Corvus Belli

28mm Scale

In Greek mythology, Teucer was a famed archer. He fought alongside Ajax in the Trojan War, where he earned great renown as a marksman by loosing his shafts from behind his half-brother's oversized shield. Teucer was one of the Achaeans who hid inside the Trojan Horse.

Teucer is relentlessly upbeat, pointing out the silver lining to any situation in a way guaranteed to make you crack a smile. He is one of the youngest of the Homeridae, and finds everything funny, including the moniker given to him by his comrades in arms, "Teucer", after he was manufactured under the code-designation Themistodres-09G. Agreeing that his given name was a mouthful, he embraced his nickname and imposed himself on Ajax, his putative half-brother, as a sidekick of sorts. Ajax acquiesced and became the main target of Teucer's razor-sharp taunting.

In battle, Teucer never hesitates. He never thinks twice, just picks the most pressing threat and shoots to kill. Like the rest of the Homeridae, he will proclaim to defend the Sphere from the alien menace, but really he's in it for the thrill.

Metal components.

1 Teucer (Feuerbach)

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.



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