Infinity: Human Sphere Rulebook

Infinity: Human Sphere Rulebook (Clearance)

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175 years into the future. The Human Sphere, Humanity as a whole, prospers.


The covert war that sees the great Powers in conflict continues, invisible for the most part to the citizens of the Sphere. With the threat to Humanity posed by the Evolved Intelligence and its alien Combined Army, ALEPH, the human AI, is now taking an active part by deploying its own forces.

Infinity : Human Sphere deepens the Infinity universe and expands the scope of each of the great Powers that compose it through the Sectorial Armies,thematic and specialized military forces. In addition, a new participant is presented : ALEPH, with its own army and agenda.

Infinity is a game using 28mm metal miniatures to simulate skirmishcombat and Special Operations in a science-fiction environment with manga aesthetics.

Infinity uses an innovative rules system which is both dynamic and entertaining, allowing the full participation of players as games unfold. Featuring outstanding realism and flexibility, Infinity gives players a wide choice of tactical and strategic manoeuvres.

Infinity is continuous, non-stop action that never lets up.

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Infinity: Human Sphere offers you:

More background and information about the different Powers in Infinity, as well as detailed descriptions of new troops, with photos and illustrations in full colour.

An expansion of the Infinity basic rules, with new rules such as Link Troops, which allows movement of groups of figures, and Special Skillsand Equipment never seen before. In addition, army lists are providedwith new troops for all the factions involved, as well as new weapon charts, markers and templates, all to enhance the Infinity gaming experience.

Infinity: Human Sphere is an expansion. It is necessary to have the Infinity rulebook to play.

Connect now and lead your elite force through daring special operations in the most intense and dangerous arenas of combat in the entire Human Sphere.

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This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of Infinity - Rulebook: 2nd. Edition is required to play.



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