Aristeia! Core Game

Aristeia! Core Game

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Manufacturer: Corvus Belli

175 years into the future, humankind has reached the stars. As the hyperpowers vie for influence in the shadows, citizens use their permanent connection to Maya, the interplanetary data network, to revel in a bespoke deluge of thrills. Of course, no form of entertainment is as sought after as Aristeia!, the Human Sphere's favorite extreme bloodsport.

Aristeia! is a two-player tactical action game. Take control of a team of four characters and fight for prizes and glory under the delighted gaze of a billion viewers. Coordinate your characters' unique moves to spectacular effect in a variety of exhilarating scenarios. Customize your tactics deck, field your favorite fighters, harness their unique abilities, and rise victorious in the hexadome arena!

8 Models
8 Character Cards
8 Initiative Cards
52 Tactics
14 Custom Dice
1 Double-sided Game Board
5 Barrier Makers
27 1-Damage Tokens
12 3-Damage Tokens
52 State Tokens
6 Red/Blue Tokens
6 Green/Orange Tokens
6 Red/Green Tokens
6 Blue/Orange Tokens
11 Victory POint Tokens
10 Frag Tokens
5 Tactic Markers
1 Underdog Token
1 Team Stickers Sheet
2 Control Panels
1 Reference Guide
1 How to Play
1 Access Guide to the Human Sphere

Ages: 14+
Players: 2
Game Length: 60-90 minutes




The most fun you can have without metal minis! (UNless you buy Collectors Ed...)
Futuristic Arena combat, where heroes from all historical eras fight it out for supremacy -- and corporate sponsorship? Yes, please!

This game is a solid 5 stars. It's fast, it's fun, and the standard edition is playable -- right out of the box. All you have to do is set up -- which takes maybe 15 mins for the preset, learning scenario. Play through that: you'll find the rules easy, and largely intuitive. The learning game gives you plenty of solid examples to teach you the rules. Just remember: Green Actions aren't Attacks! And Activate Switches before resolving the Action. If you have further questions, look up Beasts of Wars' You-Tube videos on the game.

Warning: If you aren't prepared to buy this game -- right now! -- Do Not Watch the Videos! They capture how stupidly fun this game is and you will want to buy it!

Once you play through the demo game, use the optional draft rules to mix up the teams: There are some interesting surprises lurking in the character synergies. Rinse and repeat. After a few games, you'll find you can play a full, very fun round in less than an hour.

What's so cool about the game? The initiative system let's you decide which of your team must go -- right now! Need the healer to Heal? Queue her up first. Need your powerhouse attacker to send that opposition Scorer to the Infirmary, queue them first instead. Also, all 8 characters have unique abilities. For each player on your team, you add 2 Unique Tactics cards to your basic hand of 10 Tactics cards. Tactics interrupt the normal flow of events, allowing you to re-roll dice, add dice to increase the chances an Action will succeed, etc. Generally, victory points are gained by moving your characters into a scoring zone -- while simultaneously preventing your opponent from doing the same.

NOTE: Be warned Corvus Belli METAL minis are simply the best "toy soldiers" -- ever -- anywhere. The minis in this game are PLASTIC. While they are very fine, understand that they are about 80% to 90% as good as the metals. BUT the plastics are pre-assembled: MEANING YOU CAN OPEN THE BOX AND START PLAYING IMMEDIATELY. And these are beautiful plastic minis! If you want the higher detail of metal, and don't mind the "fuss" of assembly, take a look at the Collectors' Limited Edition.
Game Play
Review by Talyndar on 3/21/2018
A definite must-add
The components of this game are very high quality to include the plastic minis. The blades are straight on the swords and staves and the detail is typical of Covus Belli. The cardboard tokens, board, and dashboards are thick enough to withstand repeated use. What I found most interesting is that the box had a pre-formed plastic insert that allows you to store the components while keeping the cardboard straight and level to prevent warp. Gameplay is fast and furious with a card-play tactical element. All in all, this is a very good bang for the buck and highly recommended.
Game Play
Review by Tadeus on 12/9/2017
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