Walking Dead: No Sanctuary Base Game

The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary Base Game

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Manufacturer: Cryptozoic Entertainment

The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary is a cooperative board game in which 1-4 players take on the roles of iconic Survivors, working together despite dire conditions and personal rivalries as they navigate a variety of Scenarios based on the hit AMC television series. Players must contend with Walkers, outsmart Rivals, and maintain the cohesion of the group, since the group's tenuous psychological stability is just a important as staying alive.

The game features detailed miniatures that allow players to become their favorite characters: Rick, Glenn, Andrea, Shane, Merle, Dale, T-Dog, and Daryl!

8 Survivor Figures
30 Walker Figures
10 Rival Figures
5 Stranger Figures
4 Snap-on Bases
6 Double-sided Map Tiles
8 Dice
60 Event Cards
120 Survivor Cards
5 Reference Sheets
1 Rival Sheet
1 Group Sheet
1 Strangers Sheet
140+ Tokens
41 Search Cards
36 Map Cards
6 Scenario Sheets

Ages: 15+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 45-120 minutes




Great Game, Unfortunate Reputation
TWD: No Sanctuary is a great game which has unfortunately received a lot of negativity for various reasons, none of which are caused by the gameplay itself.

Simply put, this game oozes theme at every opportunity and replicates the tension of the show about as good as a board game could. It puts the players in the leader's shoes and forces them to make those tough decisions we're all too familiar with from the show. Will your team members comply with your approach? Or will they defy you yet again, giving you more stress than you can bear? The mechanics here are finely tuned and the gameplay is smooth once you get a game or two under your belt. The manual, however, could certainly have been better organized to make learning a bit more intuitive.

Overall, this is a very fun game that many folks will enjoy, especially boardgaming fans of the TV series. Highly recommend!

(A quick note on the minis: they are perfectly fine for the job they need to do and for the price paid. They are of decent quality and the characters are all recognizable. My wife is currently painting them up and they are turning out even better than expected.)
Game Play
Review by Wesley D. on 11/19/2018
Great game, awful components
Ignore the reviews full of immature insults; the component quality of these games, miniatures AND cardboard, are awful.
Game Play
Review by Magic Pink on 8/9/2018
Fun game for fans of the show
People are overreacting to the quality of the minis, they’re fine for the most part. Not GW quality but they come assembled and it’s not a $100 game. Fun game but primarily for fans of the show.
Game Play
Review by JJ on 4/19/2018
The game is really good.
The miniatures are fine - most of the issues with the miniatures are overblown complaining by complainers (as with every boardgame Kickstarter project). Most of which likely have no intention of painting the miniatures anyway. Realistically, the minis don't have the detail of high end minis like Games Workshop, but you can recognize the characters from the TV show.
One mini in particular, the Governor, I completely agree with the complaints and was poorly cast, but the others look good to me. They could be better, sure, but the game could be $30 more too.
The gameplay is a challenge in the beginning and seems a bit disjointed when you first start playing it, but after a game or within a few rounds it really starts to "click" and make sense. After you learn the mechanics of the game, then you can concentrate on the theme and working together to complete the objectives to win. The game is really good.
Game Play
Review by Frank U. on 4/2/2018
Miniatures Suck
I just got my KS version of this game and am very disappointed in the quality of the components. The figures have no detail, are made of brittle light weight plastic, and are poorly glued/stood on their bases. I spent $250 on my ks package and was shocked by the poor quality. I haven't played the game yet, so no idea on game play.
Game Play
Review by john on 3/22/2018
Skip the miniatures
The miniatures stink. They plastic resulted in soft details, and they're not even as good as the better "boardgame plastic". Save yourself some money and get the standee-only version. Unfortunately, afaik, the expansions do not come with standees.
Game Play
Review by C on 1/31/2018