3012 Deck Building Game (Clearance)

3012 Deck Building Game (Clearance)

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Manufacturer: Cryptozoic Entertainment

The year is 3012. It's been a millennium since the Armageddon. Deep in the Yucatan jungle, humanity has mutated, degenerated, and segregated into five clans: Jaguar, Snake, Monkey, Gar, and Bat. These clans now battle it out for dominance in the region, cooperating when it suits them and actively working against each other when the opportunity arises.

In 3012I, players start the game with small decks of Scout cards, which provide gold to make purchases. Two piles of cards - an Ally deck and a Weapon deck - provide static cards to buy, with three cards from each deck always available to purchase each round. Cards that are not bought remain there for other players to buy. Two non-static Action decks - one with cheap cards, the other expensive - are also available, and at the start of your turn, you reveal one card from each of these two Action decks. You get the benefits of the Action cards you reveal, whether you buy them or not, and they're removed from play if you don't buy them.


120 Action cards

48 Encounter cards

20 Ally cards

20 Weapon cards

20 Scout cards

5 Oversized Hero cards

15 Gold tokens

5 Hero tokens

1 Game board

1 Six-sided die




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Awesome themed deck builder for a great price
3012 follows the standard system used in most Cryptozoic deck building games and i feel this one has gone under the radar. I really like the ability to reserve a card for latter by paying a portion of its cost and this is a awesome feature i wish was included in other deck builders. There are also upgrade cards that grant a larger bonus for certain factions which means you might buy a weapon cards that really isn't that great for you but you would rather have the weaker card than allow your opponent to have it. Overall the games has an awesome theme and is a great light weight deck builder with enough options to keep bringing it to the table.
Game Play
Review by Bryce on 11/19/2016
Innovations are gold
Sort of a streamlined and more interactive Thunderstone.

I personally prefer Thunderstone, but this has some neat innovations, like banking gold for later turns, reserving cards with partial payment, and helping/hindering other players' combat.
Game Play
Review by Amadeu on 10/2/2015