D&D Icons Colossal Red Dragon (Out of Box)

D&D Icons - Colossal Red Dragon (Out of Box)


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Manufacturer: Wizards of the Coast

Icons minis come with a stat card.

Universe: Dungeons and Dragons
Set: Icons
Number: -
Rarity: Common

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This dragon is awesome in every way.
It is absolutely amazing, and massive. It's about a foot tall, maybe just a little bit taller than that. It also comes with a stat card and a map of its lair that you can use while playing the game. Although it's a 3.5 stat card so if you're using it for 5th edition you may need to modify it a bit to make it even remotely fair. Nevertheless this dragon is awesome just to have, and can certainly make an amazing house decoration. Just seeing this in the back of the room may be enough to fill your players with dread, worried about the day when you will finally use it.
Game Play
Review by Deacon on 10/29/2018
Holy cow!
This one blew the hairs right out of the alpaca poncho I ordered from Bolivia! Get it! Its enough to take down an entire party of adventurers, or leave them with a good leveling up.
Game Play
Review by Christansimansel on 9/22/2015
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