PHB Heroes #18 Male Goliath Barbarian (No Card)

Player's Handbook Heroes #18 Male Goliath Barbarian (No Stat Card)

Product #DDPHB18

Out of stock

Manufacturer: Wizards of the Coast

Player's Handbook Heroes 1 minis do not have stat cards.

Product# DDPHB18
Universe: Dungeons and Dragons
Set: Player's Handbook Heroes 1
Number: 018
Rarity: Fixed

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Great Mini, but too expensive
Looks great and is the best goliath mini I've encountered, but the price is just too much in my opinion, but if you're willing to pay, it's a great mini.
Game Play
Review by Joosh on 2/27/2019
Good buy!
I was excited to purchase this mini, as it was my firs, and was not dissapointed! It game in great condition and seems to be fairly durable. I will use this very often going forward!
Game Play
Review by Steven on 9/16/2015