Deep Magic: Arcane Map Tiles

Deep Magic: Arcane Map Tiles

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Manufacturer: Kobold Press

Explore 24 beautifully illustrated 7" by 7" map tiles featuring arcane chambers, mystical portals, and other enchanting elements. Create limitless adventure possibilities and astound your players. From mystical summoning circles to necrotic chambers, the magic is in your hands with Deep Magic Map Tiles!

This set includes:
• Alchemist's Workshop Mixing Lab
• Alchemists's Workshop Chemical Vats
• Arcane Construct Workshop
• Elemental Node Air
• Elemental Node Earth
• Elemental Node Fire
• Elemental Node Water
• Elemental Node Void
• Haunted Studio Study
• Haunted Studio Salon
• Haunted Studio Circle
• Library Stacks
• Library Scriptorium
• Necromancer's Lab Work Room
• Necromancer's Lab Subject Cages
• Portal Room
• Ritual Room
• Theurgic Sanctum Meditation Room
• Theurgic Sanctum Mithraeum
• Warlock Lair Dark Altar
• Warlock Lair Sacrifice Pit
• Witch's Den Potion Brewery
• Witch's Den Divination Grove
• Wizard Duelling Room