Dust 1947: Allies - USMC Starter Set (Taskforce Diver)

Dust 1947: Allies - USMC Starter Set (Taskforce Diver)

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Manufacturer: Dust USA

1:48 Scale

Primed miniatures are already assembled, primed, and ready to paint or play a game right out of the box.

The Marines have landed in the Middle East! With the mission of protecting a region crucial for the Allied war effort, the USMC now fights the Axis and the SSU in this part of the world.

1 Hero (Diver)
1 USMC Assault Squad
1 Bushmaster Walker with Pilot
1 Rule Booklet
12 Allied Dice
1 Tank Trap
1 Ammo Crate
1 Gaming Mat
6 Terrain Tiles
3 Unit Cards
1 Catalog & Introductory Leaflet