Dust 1947: Axis Blutkreuz Wotan/Flamm Luther/Panzerkampflaufer III B/E

Dust 1947: Axis - Blutkreuz Wotan II / Flamm Luther II / Panzerkampflaufer III B/E

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Manufacturer: Dust USA

1:48 Scale

Primed miniatures are already assembled, primed, and ready to paint or play a game right out of the box.

This reference allows you to field one of three different walkers: the Wotan II and its AR variant, and the FlammLuther II. All are available for the Axis Bloc and the BlutKreuz Korps.

The Wotan II, and AR variant, mounts the heaviest Laser weapons available on the planet. It can engage enemy vehicles at great range and reduce them to smoldering heaps of metal in seconds. It also has two machineguns now, one dedicated to anti-infantry fire, the other also able to hit anything that flies. An unusual weapon pattern for the Axis, the FlammLuther II excel at attacking entrenched enemies. With two flamethrowers, it is deadly to soldiers and can hurt any vehicle it might cross path with. It is also equipped with the same machineguns as the first two variants.