Dropzone Commander: Shaltari - Haven Terragates (2)

Dropzone Commander: Shaltari - Haven Terragates (2) (Mega Weekend Garage Sale)

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Manufacturer: Hawk Wargames

10mm Scale

The Haven utilises the same Gate technology featured in Shaltari dropship equivalents, but on the frame of a ground vehicle. As such, the Haven roughly equates to the APC's used by other races.

Like its airborne cousin the Spirit, the Haven features fine teleport node focusing capabilities. These allow precise adjustments of the field and thus the ability to teleport warsuit-clad Shaltari infantry onto the battlefield. Larger Gates cannot do this, since they are designed for power rather than precision.

Since it hovers only a few feet from the ground weight is less of an issue, and thus the Haven features better armour and resilience than its airborne cousins. It is therefore the transport of choice for getting infantry into areas with extensive air defence.

Two models per blister

Length: 55mm

3 Resin Components each

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.