Descent : Journeys in the Dark (2nd Edition)

Descent: Journeys in the Dark (2nd Ed)

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Embark On An Epic Quest Against An Ancient Evil...

In the darkest depths of Terrinoth, an ambitious overlord gathers his minions to lay siege on the world above. Only a small band of heroes, gifted with courage and power, will be able to save the land from the cold grip of domination. Now is the time to venture into the dark and unravel the overlord's plots before it's too late...

Descent: Journeys in the Dark (2nd Edition) is an epic board game of dungeon-delving adventure for 2-5 players. Packed with valorous heroes, dangerous monsters, magical relics, and exciting, Descent: Journeys in the Dark (2nd Edition) delivers heroic adventure in a world of high fantasy.

Building on the successful legacy of the first edition, Descent: Journeys in the Dark (2nd Edition) re-imagines the classic experience with an epic campaign system and accessible rules for dynamic tactical combat. Through a series of engaging, story-driven adventures, our heroes must gather power and experience in preparation for a climatic final showdown with a cunning overlord. Alternatively, players may select one of the included quests for a stand-alone game experience.

24-page Rulebook
44-page Quest Guide
8 Plastic Hero Figures
31 Plastic Monster Figures
9 Custom Dice
7 Plastic Stands
8 Hero Sheets
1 Pad of Campaign Sheets
84 Class Cards
34 Shop Item Cards
16 Condition Cards
12 Search Cards
6 Relic Cards
40 Overlord Cards
18 Monster Cards
12 Lieutenant Cards
10 Travel Event Cards
4 Reference Cards
48 Map Tiles
45 Damage Tokens
35 Fatigue Tokens
7 Doors
16 Hero Tokens
9 Search Tokens
6 Lieutenant Tokens
10 Objective Tokens
8 Villager Tokens
20 Condition Tokens
1 Reanimate Familiar Token

Ages: 14+
Players: 2-5
Game Length: 120-180 minutes




Great dungeon crawler with many expansions!
Pros: Great dungeon crawler, who plays rpg will like, has evolution, beautiful miniatures, various classes, equipment store to spend your gold acquired between adventures, and many expansions!

Cons: Game with setup time-consuming and I think I already said that there are many expansions! The bosses are tokens, the miniatures that represent them are sold as mini expansions, prepare to empty your pockets because I think I already told you that this game has many expansions !!!
Game Play
Review by Roberto on 3/24/2018
Descend into this 5 Star Journey
After playing Star Wars: Imperial Assault I tried this game. Descent has a better structure in terms of playability & Character growth (Heroes in SWIA are limited to specific Hero Class cards where in DJitD each Hero has multiple ways to play). One thing to point however is that you need to read the rules throughly if you've already played SWIA, as Descent has some rules are different.
Game Play
Review by Leeroy Porkins on 12/19/2016
I bought this after one of the D&D games (Wrath) specifically for my 6 year old son and i to enjoy. I was concerned that I wouldn't be a part of his adventure party, and had to play an overlord, but HE LOVED THIS! It is easy enough to run and smooth over the rules to keep it interesting. This is also a great game to jump in with because of all the expansions. This one will be enjoyed for years and years!
Game Play
Review by Jammin on 2/26/2016
Great Dungeon Crawl
Great dungeon crawl!

Tiles, so you can make your own dungeons.
Awesome figures, great heroes and monsters
Cool game play, 1 vs many. Dungeon master vs players
Easy to use with role playing
Game campaign mode to use with the same gaming group
Great replay value
Tons of additional content to buy and keep the adventure going

Con: Too fun
Game Play
Review by marcin on 11/9/2015
Great Miniature Game
Descent is one of the best miniature games I've ever played .
My group does not like cooperative games , but like Descent one player assumes the role of overloard , then the situation changes and they love the idea of ​​defeat it.

The mechanics of the game Assault Imperial, was based on this game!

If you like miniatures and like medievel theme or RPG I recommend this game !
Game Play
Review by Mateus on 10/12/2015
Great Game... better with Houserules
Tons of high quality plastic boardgame heroes and monsters.
Lots of double sided, thick, tiles.
The rules are starting to show their age... I would download the rules for Imperial Assault and use those instead of the rules included in this box.
Game Play
Review by Jeremy on 10/4/2015
One of the best dungeon crawlers
If your gaming group likes dungeon crawlers they will like this game. I owned all of the 1st ed expansions and base game so I had plenty of toys to play with once the conversion kit was made available. This version is much more streamlined and doesn't take 5-6 hours per play session, which is greatly appreciated.
Game Play
Review by Mark on 10/1/2015
Epic fantasy adventure game
I was only able to play a few scenarios before I sold it so I could buy Imperial Assault. The short time I had playing with it was really fun. Epic adventures with RPG elements. Excellent quality models with lots of detail and the plastic is really hard. The game mechanics are really neat and streamlined.
Game Play
Review by KDD on 9/10/2015
Top Notch in EVERY Way!!
Fantastic components, superb design, engrossing storyline, along with super-smooth game play. Everything you could want in an exciting dungeon quest! Replayability is boundless along with endless fun! It's simply a great game pure and simple. Worth every penny!! What are you waiting for? Buy it!!
Game Play
Review by 2bad4words on 3/31/2014
Super Fun Game
I have never played the first edition, but I am in love with this game. Great heroes that you can earn XP to level up with awesome skills. The artwork and flavor really add to the game. The monster and Overlord lieutenants make for a well balanced and challenging game. Plays well with 2-5 players.
Review by Craig on 8/28/2012
Excellent Update of One of the Best Dungeon Crawls
Fantasy Flight Games delivers another great game in Descent 2nd edition. The dungeon delving theme is strong, the mechanics are interesting, and the game choices are engaging. Also the miniatures and game board are top notch! To those that have played the previous edition, FFG has streamlined the rules and cut the size of quests to where game play is much quicker and free-flowing. Though the price may seem a bit steep, this game is definitely worth it!
Review by Chad on 8/1/2012