Descent: Journeys in the Dark (2nd edition) - Eliza Farrow Lieutenant Pack

Descent: Journeys in the Dark (2nd Ed) - Eliza Farrow Lieutenant Pack

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A Comely and Well-spoken Vampire

"Lady Eliza offers salvation with one hand, and doom with the other."

This lieutenant pack includes an all-new plastic lieutenant figure, a plot deck that gives the overlord powerful new effects, and the requisite tokens for purchasing plot cards.

1 Plastic Figure
1 Rulesheet
2 Agent Cards
10 Plot Cards
16 Threat & Fortune Tokens

This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of Descent: Journeys in the Dark (2nd Ed) is required to play.




Another Meh Lieutenant- Works Great If You Can Keep Your Monsters Alive
Eliza is the blood-drinking lieutenant in the base game of Descent 2nd Edition. She wants to kill you, then drink your blood. Or do both at the same time. Costing $9, the pack comes with her mini, 10 plot cards, 2 agent cards, 16 tokens, and a small rulebook. Is she worth it?

How the Lieutenant's Work: Each Lieutenant works the same way. At the start of a new campaign, the Overlord picks a lieutenant to control. You cannot pick the main evil character from a campaign (no Zachareth for The Shadow Rune campaign, for example). The Lieutenant (called an Agent) basically works as a minor hero for the Overlord. During the course of the campaign the Overlord earns threat tokens through a variety of means that allow him to purchase or use cards associated with his lieutenant. The Overlord gains threat in the following ways:

1 Threat at the end of each quest and an additional 1 threat if he won the quest

He can spend 1 exp at the end of any quest to gain 3 threat

1 threat for each rumor quest card he plays

And, finally, he can choose to gain 1 threat each time he defeats EACH hero during each encounter instead of drawing 1 card from the Overlord deck

As stated, threat is used to buy cards from the "plot deck" of your chosen Lieutenant (each card has a cost) or to activate the cards you have already purchased. Each Lieutenant comes with 1 basic plot card already purchased (Similar to how each hero starts with 1 skill) and has 9 other cards you can purchase, including one that allows you to summon your agent in place of some open monsters and allow them to wreak havoc on the heroes. You cannot summon your Agent in the during the Interlude or Finale or in any quest that they are featured in, since you can tip the scales too much to your side if you pick the right Lieutenant (like Splig in A Fat Goblin). Agents are harder to kill than Lieutenants.

Finally, to assist the heroes against this new threat, each threat token you spend to trigger a plot card is given to the heroes. Each hero has to have 1 fortune token before anyone can have 2, etc. The heroes can spend fortune tokens to do different things:

1 fortune can be spent to recover 1 stamina during their turn

1 fortune can be spent to reroll 1 die a hero rolls

2 fortune can be spent to give you 1 additional action during your turn but you can only do this once per round

2 fortune can be spent collectively during the Shopping step to draw 1 additional Shop Item card

This is how each Lieutenant functions. Now, what's so special about this Lieutenant?

Eliza: Her basic plot card, Bloodline, sounds like a phone hotline for vampires. It costs no threat to play and you can exhaust it at anytime during your turn to choose 2 monsters. One monsters suffers 2 wounds to heal 1 wound on another monster. If both monsters have the Dark trait, the monster suffering the damage takes 1 less damage.

Bad Dreams costs 1 threat to play and is exhausted at the end of the Travel Step of the Campaign. Each hero tests willpower (Star). If you fail, suffer 2 fatigue.

Night's Embrace costs 1 threat to play and is used after setup of an encounter to pick a monster group. During this encounter that monster group gains the Dark trait.

Fangs in the Dark costs 1 threat to play and is exhausted when a monster deals at least 1 damage from an attack. That monster recovers 2 health and an additional 1 health if it has the Dark trait.

The Power of Blood costs 1 threat to play and is exhausted when a small monster declares a move action. Move that monster 1 space and, when this card is exhausted, all monsters with the Dark trait deal +1 damage on their attacks.

Nighttime Hunt costs 1 threat to play and is exhausted when a monster with the Dark trait attacks before dice are rolled to add 1 yellow power die to the attack. You can also exhaust it when a Dark monster is attacked to add 1 grey die to the defense roll.

Scent of Blood costs 1 threat to play and is exhausted when a monster attacks a hero that has 6 or more damage tokens on their hero before dice are rolled. The attack gains surge: +3 damage. If the monster has the Dark trait you may reroll the attack die once as well.

The Taste of Suffering costs 1 threat to play and is exhausted when a monster knocks out a hero. Mark that monster by placing a threat token on it and move it up to its speed if it has the Dark trait. Each marked monster gets +1 health per hero in the game.

The Lady's Care costs 1 threat to play and is exhausted during your turn to pick a monster and roll 1 red power die. It recovers health equal to the hearts rolled. If if has the Dark trait, each other monster in its group also recovers 1 health.

Finally, Summon-Eliza costs 2 threat to play and she replaces a master monster from an open group. She has the same stats as her lieutenant and the following abilities. For Act I, 2 activate abilities. Sacrifice deals up to 5 damage to an adjacent monster to heal Eliza 1 for each damage dealt. Allure lets you choose a hero within 3 spaces to test star. If they fail, move the hero 1 space in any direction and they are stunned. Finally, she has Blood Call, a surge ability that lets her recover health equal to the amount of damage dealt by the attack. Her Act II agent has these 3 abilities and Wail, another activate ability that forces all heroes within 3 spaces of her to test their star. Each hero who fails takes 2 fatigue.

Final Thoughts: Eliza is an interesting lieutenant. On the surface she has some nice healing-type plot cards but in reality during the course of our games the heroes usually gang up and kill each monster one at a time so there aren't that many wounded monsters on the board at any one time. They are either dead or unhurt. The Taste of Suffering is a nice card to use but it's not super useful since you have to take down a hero first, and Scent of Blood is a HUGE help against tank characters/high HP characters. However, I don't see enough good here to justify using her that often. She's an ok agent, with a couple useful cards, some really situational ones, and a couple ok ones. All in all it's good to have her mini but that's about it. I'm not really excited to use her or anything like that but your mileage may vary!
Game Play
Review by Erik on 2/3/2017
The mini is not great, I barely ever use her in the game, digging for the miniature in my collection is not worth the effort, but I gotta have em all! If you don't care about having all the figures pass on this one... its just meh!
Game Play
Review by marcin on 11/9/2015
Not the most interesting figure and character
Splig and Beltir have the nicest lieutenants miniatures from the base game. Lady Eliza Farrow in the other hand, is the least interesting one. Excluding the calice in her hand, there no interest element in the miniature and painting it was boring. As an agent is one of the most weak characters out in the game. As a collector I need to buy them all, but if you accept having tokens instead of miniatures, you can skip that one easilly.
Game Play
Review by Piero on 10/1/2015