Runebound (3rd Edition): Unbreakable Bonds Expansion

Runebound (3rd Edition): Unbreakable Bonds Expansion

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Unbreakable Bonds - 0:19:42
Runebound Expansions @ 0:17:00

The heroes of Terrinoth have always been the protectors of the land, taking on dangerous quests to help people, fight enemies, and earn gold to keep themselves in arms and armor. However, darker forces now threaten the peace and prosperity of Terrinoth, and all heroes must band together to fight as one if this world is to survive...

Unbreakable Bonds brings the strategy and excitement of both cooperative and solo gameplay to Runebound with two all-new scenarios! Additionally, both scenarios from the base game have been revamped for cooperative play, along with the scenario found in the Caught in a Web expansion pack. With these five scenarios, you and your friends can work together to defeat evil, or you can attempt to save Terrinoth all by yourself. Plus, this expansion provides new assets, new heroes, and more for your competitive games!

Will you answer the call to forge heroic and unbreakable bonds?

1 Rulebook
2 Plastic Hero Figures
2 Hero Cards
26 Story Cards
37 Combat Tokens
4 Combat Boards
30 Skill Cards
10 Twist Cards
5 Scenario Sheets
60 Adventure Cards
10 Party Skill Cards
20 Asset Cards
3 Envelope Cards
6 Damage Tokens
6 Story Tokens
4 Prepare Tokens

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 60-120 minutes

This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of Runebound (3rd Edition) is required to play.