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Runewars Miniatures Game

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Painting with Rob - Spearmen
Painting with Rob - Golem
Painting with Rob - Carrion Lancer

The Runewars Miniatures Game is a game of epic battles set in the Runebound universe. Deploy your army, with ranked infantry, swift cavalry, powerful siege creatures, and awe-inspiring heroes. Issue hidden commands to each unit, planning your strategy. Then, reveal your commands to loose massed bowfire, launch bold charges, and unleash devastating magic upon the enemy. But beware! You opponent has plans as well and may thwart your masterstroke.

Runewars includes dynamic miniatures and a rewarding, tactical game system. Varied battle setups and objectives ensure that each game is unique. Finally, the innovative movement trays allow players' units to scale as their collections grow. Lead your army into the ongoing Runewars saga!

Plastic components.

48 Figures
2 Character Diroamas
16 Movement Trays
9 Movement Templates
8 Command Tools
6 Attack Dice
1 Range Ruler
1 Round Counter
8 Unit Cards
4 Reference Cards
4 Terrain Cards
6 Deployment Cards
6 Objective Cards
18 Upgrade Cards
30 Morale Cards
4 Terrain Pieces
61 Assorted Tokens
1 Learn to Play Booklet
1 Rules Reference
1 Lore Guide

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.




A great rank & file wargame
I was always curious about rank & file wargames, but felt intimidated by their complexity and price. With Runewars I finally give it a chance. It's easier, more intuitive rules, with similarities to games such as x-wing, helps a lot. And the price/value is much more accessible than any other wargame out there.
Game Play
Review by Stevan on 7/8/2017
Good foundation for a new franchise
This game is just getting its legs as far as a miniatures tabletop game goes, but it hits the ground running. The rules are complex enough for most gamers, easy to learn, and fairly intuitive overall. I suggest a quick read through, then play a small skirmish, then reread the rules. Rinse and repeat and the game will make complete sense at that point and you can graduate up to full battles. The two starter armies look to be a foundation for armies to come. Hopefully the units and miniature ranges will expand as the game evolves and each army will even further develop its identity.

I also hope they Fantasy Flight will offer 3D versions of the 'terrain' that comes in the starter box. If not, I will build myself (already started construction and watch a few tutorials on the internetz on construction ideas for them).

Overall, having recently abandoned another fantasy miniatures game, I was excited for this game's release for months, and now that it is available and I have played several games, I give it the thumbs up. So far, so good, and I trust Fantasy Flight will work to improve upon a solid foundation.

For now, I recommend splitting the starter set with a friend and going from there.
Game Play
Review by Klaukwork on 6/28/2017
Awesome game for vets and new wargamers.
Fantastic rules with well sculpted easy to assemble miniatures and an amazing movement mechanic. This is a great game for veteran war game players because it offers a plethora of upgrade cards to customize your armies. It is also a great game for first time war gamer's because the rules are simple and intuitive.
Game Play
Review by Daniel on 4/14/2017
A solid game
The game plays a lot like X-Wing, with both sides choosing the actions of all their units prior to the start of the round then going off of the initiative of the action each unit is taking. There are also modifiers that let each unit tweak it's actions, or add extra actions. The rounds move fast with each side having 4 units, and the movement trays provided help streamline gameplay with provided movement measures. Random magic every turn also helps vary the play style of certain units.

The 48 models are soft plastic, and most have only 2-3 pieces. They have a good amount of detail, and all are designed to peg into the movement trays. There are also double-sided terrain tiles, movement measures, tokens, dice, and three guidebooks (learn to play, rules reference, and lore).
Game Play
Review by Mike on 3/29/2017
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