Runewars Miniatures Game: Uthuk Y'llan Army Expansion

Runewars Miniatures Game: Uthuk Y'llan Army Expansion (Last Chance)

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Manufacturer: Fantasy Flight Games

The Locust Horde Descends Upon Terrinoth

To the east of Terrinoth stretch the bone-dry Darklands. From these tainted wastes in ancient days spilled the dreaded Uthuk Y'llan, their horde so vast and devouring that the people of Terrinoth faced annihilation. The Uthuk were barely defated then, vanishing to haunt the ages only as tales. Until now.

Uthuk warbands are a mix of abominations to terrify even the bravest defenders. At their center sprint the feral, mlaformed Berserkers, warriors born to the knife. Along their flanks dart the Flesh Rippers, raving pack beasts of raw sinew and razor bone. Spined Threshers scuttle back and forth to crush foes with their chitinous maw-limbs and sheer, aberrant bulk. Under the domination of loathsome chiefs like Ravos the Everhungry, these forces will raze the works of Terrinoth's civilizations.

Plastic components.

22 Figures
8 Movement Trays
4 Command Tools
4 Unit Cards
2 Terrain Cards
1 Deployment Card
1 Objective Card
12 Upgrade Cards
2 Terrain Pieces
27 Assorted Tokens
1 Rules Booklet

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.